Zhejiang Nashou Agriculture Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Nashou), established in 2008, is a high-tech company focusing on the development of agricultural technology projects. Nashou has more than 10 directly invested or holding subsidiaries and its total assets exceed RMB 2 billion.


Nashou has been actively promoting innovation in agricultural science and technology in recent years ever since its inception. It has maintained a good strategic partnership with its partner Zhejiang University under the concern and support of the local government and relevant departments. Nashou will make innovation in and promote its agricultural science and technology project products successfully. Furthermore, it has established an ecological green base covering an area of tens of thousands mu in Kaihua – the source of Kaihua Qianjiang, China’s East Park; and its product sales network covers nearly 20 cities and regions around China. Nashou has become a new force among China’s agricultural science and technology enterprises.


As a flagship product of Nashou, “Green Pet” automatic plant growth machine series is the latest agricultural technology product produced and sold by Nashou after years of painstaking research and development and currently China’s and even the world’s latest innovative technology product. This product has become an important technology product promoting innovation in future agricultural science and technology in China and the world as a whole; and it involves in such platforms as home, education, media, industry, hotels, real estate, business and gifts. Green Pet has truly become a world-famous brand.


Guided by the general goal of “committed to becoming China’s leader and global model in the industry of agricultural science and technology’, Nashou has become an agricultural technology business with abundant experience, wisdom and comprehensive business abilities.