In 2010, Nashou was established!

In 2011, Nashou won the third prize on the “New Pastoral Cup” First China Agricultural Product Packaging Design Contest; our Health-to-Home Oil-tea Camellia Tree Base won the title of “Core Model Forest” issued by Zhejiang Forestry Department; one oil-tea camellia tree in Nashou Oil-tea Camellia Tree Base can produce 93kg oil-tea camellia seeds and thus won the title of “Oil-tea Camellia King”.

In 2012, Nashou was affirmed by Zhang Yuxiang, member of the Leading Party Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cheng Weishan, deputy director of the NPC Zhejiang Standing Committee and other leaders.

In 2012, Nashou and Zhejiang Universities jointly developed the product “Source Embryo No. 1”, which won the title of Protective Variety of National Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2013, Nashou began to pay attention to the development of agricultural technology product plant growth machine!

In 2014, Hangzhou Mayor Zhang Hongming and his party visited our company and expressed his attention to the development of the industry and our company!

In 2014, Nashou reached a cooperation agreement with Urban Express and Chunshou rice will enter the online and offline platforms of Urban Express, forming a strategic partnership!

In 2015, Nashou began to hold Bogeng Technology Company and became its largest shareholder. The automatic plant growth machine, as the first important technology product promoting future agricultural technology innovation in China and even the world, will be one of the featured products of Nashou in the future several years.