Chinese cabbage planting technology

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Applied to general mu foot also recommended high-quality farmyard manure not less than 2 square, for the 25-10-10 high nitrogen compound fertilizer NPK content 50 kg, soil preparation before even broadcasting.


Fine soil preparation done under the virtual reality, no light and shade KeLa, high ridge, 60 cm wide, the ridge ridge distance between 80 cm, 10 ~ 15 cm high, the ridge drought can water the waterlogging can row.


Selected for general early maturity, disease resistance, high yield and good quality of choose and buy of Beijing small miscellaneous 55, 56 and other varieties.


In suitable sowing generally at the end of July in early August, trenching on ridge (5 centimeters) drilling, water and then covering, small spacing 40 cm, 80 centimeters apart. The use of 150 grams per acre.


As early as the crickets preservation seedling emergence, 2 ~ 3 days after sowing, highly vulnerable to cricket DuanLong due to lack of seedlings, even destroyed. Can use mu 150 grams of trichlorfon water 1 kg with 5 kg gluten made poison bait, when the emergence of new evening ridge on prevention and control of crickets.


Early general 2 true leaf time singling seedlings, between 4 leaf singling BaoMiao 3300 plants per mu, ensure seedling with plenty of sunshine and space, robust growth, resolutely avoid bumps seedlings.


Timely prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests of kung fu, phoxim, etc. High efficiency, low toxicity, low residual pesticide gouge out heart insects, aphids and other pests; Use carbendazim control downy mildew, spraying on the leaf virus prevention virus disease.


Reasonable fertilizing watering seedling period, such as the drought weather, water to light in time; Indus stage, the soil surface to see the dry wet; Package after heart, water demand is bigger, often should keep soil moisture; 10 days before the harvest stop watering. At the beginning of the Chinese cabbage heart period, package, combined with the water the urea 10 kilograms, 30 kg per acre.


Timely harvest singling between early Chinese cabbage, usually falls in early October, at the end of September can be harvested before and after the lunar August 15, fill in the summer of the shortage of food market blank, can obtain better returns.

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