Zhejiang, life of staff career planning training held in qing valley

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Eat, play, more career planning training! On October 27, zhejiang's agricultural science and technology development co., LTD., staff career planning training was held in the beautiful qing valley, executive general manager ms Jenny jiang, career planning, training division itself more than 20 years of work experience and training experience, coaxing, let employees understand how to conduct the necessity of career planning and career planning.

"Do you know about yourself?" This is the career planning before the first hurdles. President jiang said, the first thing to know his own self, analyzed their advantages and disadvantages, and then combined with the personal career interests, choose a suitable job.

"There are many types of work!" Professional eight categories: technical, management, independent model, stability, entrepreneurial, service-oriented, challenges, life; But people have different personality, career some lively, someone inside collect, someone love communication, some heavy work, choose a suitable job, you can feel happy like a duck to water.

"Knowing that no status, believe that have the opportunity to" this is one of Chiang's general motto, she stressed we want true feelings, and to give employees about his "tao history of jin".

Through this training, we learned about career planning, SWOT analysis is a clear advantage (strength), weaknesses (weakness) and chance (opportunity) and challenges (-- kyoui) analysis of the investigation, will be great help for our future career development.

After the meeting, is the company "family dinner". More minutes at two o 'clock in the afternoon, by the us to tea garden, in-depth bamboo... Climb the crazy play very happy!

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